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Musketeers Sponsor Run, Ride, Roll and Blade Event #10KforSiouxland

By Musketeers Staff, 06/18/20, 8:45AM CDT


First-ever event will raise money for Sioux City Miracle League

SIOUX CITY – Sioux City Musketeers Head Coach Luke Strand is credited with the latest of ideas for promotions that continue the program’s tradition of raising money for charitable organizations.

Musketeers players and staff have already raised over $12,000 for an event that will be held from June 20-28. It’s called Run, Ride, Roll and Blade #10KforSiouxland. Members of the Musketeers organization will collect pledges from friends and neighbors and then run, ride, roll or blade a 10K – just a little more than six miles.

It’s easy and 100 percent of the money raised goes directly to help Miracle League of Sioux City continue its mission. The Miracle League provides recreational facilities designed with excellence for children with disabilities that will create integrated recreational play and bring smiles to the participants and their families.

“I believe another team did this somewhere,” said Musketeers President Rich Zaber, who encourages fans to also participate. “It was Luke’s idea since he saw it. He and I talked about tying it in with the Miracle League.”

“I know (Musketeers managing partner and owner) Lloyd Ney and myself have always talked about putting out a 10K for our community and our team,” said Strand, who plans to run, ride and blade the same 10K distance. “We had some time on our hands and the situation presented itself to be challenging as far as remote and not being able to gather. It has actually worked out really neat as players get together all the way around the world.”

Based on the 10K distance, Zaber said the original goal was to raise $10,000. He now feels the Musketeers can raise $20,000.
The Musketeers organization, according to Zaber, plans to challenge Morningside College, the Sioux City Bandits and the Sioux City Explorers to join the cause and help in this unique fundraising venture.

It’s unique and it’s also part of the times, considering the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s no need to worry about individual fundraisers being part of a collective group during Run, Ride, Roll and Blade because people do this on their own.

“It’s a great idea, especially with the social distancing right now,” said Zaber. “You can’t get together in groups like that, so everybody is doing it individually. Absolutely, I think this is something we can certainly do (in the future). It was just a great idea with the COVID-19 thing going on and you can’t get together in groups. This is something everybody can do from their home and on their own time.”

This Musketeers event, according to Strand, is taking place in various countries around the world, since the team also has players from Finland, Switzerland and Canada.  “I think for our players and our staff, we want to impact the community both on and off the ice,” said Strand. “What has really happened here, we have players here from all over the world. They’re all involved. People are gathering donations from all over the world for the Sioux City Miracle League.

“The money stays here in town,” he added. “It goes right to the Miracle League. I love that dollars are coming outside of our community. The fun part will be, we’ll challenge other organizations and see if they can jump in and if they have players who want to run and raise money for it.”

The Musketeers are working with the Sioux City Miracle League for the first time. However, Kevin Negaard, the Sioux City Miracle League board president and founder, serves as the Musketeers’ chaplain.

Last September, Sioux City hosted the Miracle League All-Star Celebration at the spacious Miracle League Field located at Riverside’s SYA Complex, an event which attracted athletes from the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Sioux City has perhaps the largest Miracle League in the world with 175 athletes, ranging from ages 3 to 74 who participate in either the Spring or Fall Leagues.  “What they are doing for kids in the Siouxland area is very important,” said Zaber. “We are really proud to be part of it with them. Kevin Negaard has a lot to do with the organization. He has been a very helpful person for us. We thought this was a great tie in for his organization too.”
Make your donations by going to:
By raising $125 or more, you will receive a Sioux City Miracle League t-shirt. Those raising $250 or more will receive a “Is this heaven” Sioux City Miracle League t-shirt and a commemorative midsize Musketeers logo Xylo baseball bat.
The person raising the largest amount will receive a Big Frig 45-quart Musketeers logo cooler.

You can post photos and videos while you run, ride, roll or blade by tagging Sioux City Musketeers & The Miracle League of Sioux City on social media platforms with our hashtag #10KFORSIOUXLAND.  Strand said the Musketeers will post whatever they will do – run, ride, roll or blade – by June 20th.
“We will publicly post those on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and allow people at that point to jump and at the same time, challenge some teams,” said Strand. “I would love to challenge some local teams and organizations to jump on and see if we can make a huge impact around the community.”